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PADI Open Water Diver

Get Certified!? Take a Scuba Lesson with the PADI Open Water Diver Course

Get your PADI scuba certification. If you?ve always wanted to learn how to become a PADI Open Water Diver, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world?s most popular scuba course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.?Contact me to discuss your course schedule

The Fun Part

The fun part about this course is . . . well, just about all of it because learning to dive is incredible. You?breathe underwater?for the first time (something you?ll never forget) and learn what you need to know to become a certified diver. During the course, you?ll make at least five pool dives and four dives at local dive sites under the supervision of your PADI Instructor.

Get College Credit

You may be able to earn?college credit for the PADI Open Water Diver course!

What You Learn

  • How much fun scuba diving is
  • Scuba diving equipment considerations for your local diving environment
  • How to plan, and execute actual dives
  • How to prevent and manage problems

The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases:

  • Knowledge Development (home study or in a classroom ) to understand basic principles of scuba diving
  • Confined Water Dives?to learn basic scuba skills
  • Open Water Dives?to review your skills and explore!

If you?ve tried diving through a?Discover Scuba Diving experience or resort course, the skills you learned may be credited towards a portion of the full PADI Open Water Diver course certification.

The Scuba Gear You Use

In the PADI Open Water Diver course, you learn to use?basic scuba gear?including a?dive computer, and standard?accessories. The equipment you wear varies somewhat, depending upon whether you?re diving in winter or summer.

Check with me about the gear you?ll use during this course.

The Learning Materials You Need

I offer two different home-study materials for the Open Water Diver course. You can chose a book and DVD package or a multimedia DVD-ROM.

PADI?s Open Water Diver materials cover what you need to know about basic scuba diving skills, terminology and safety procedures. For each concept you?ll read a description and watch a video demonstration. Then you?ll jump in the pool (or pool-like environment) to practice these skills with your instructor. Later, as a certified diver, use the course materials as a reference guide for future diving adventures and to review what you learned.

To find out more about these products, contact me.


To enroll in the PADI Open Water Diver course or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must

  • Be 15 years or older for Open Water Course
  • Be 12 years or older for Junior Open Water Course
  • Must successfully complete a simple dive medical examination.? The list of dive medical pra doctors in Sydney are listed below.? Download a copy of dive medical form for your doctor to complete.
Dive Medical Practitioner List in Sydney
Manly Medical 9977 4167 $60
Dr Harry at Bondi 9389 8000 $65
George St Medical 9231 3211 $77
Surry Hills Medical Centre, Dr Rad 9699 3311 $85
DMC Medical Drummoyne 9819 6666 $100
North Sydney Medical 9922 3022 $100

Start this week

You don?t have to wait to get going. With home-study option you can start your course as soon as you collect your Open Water Diver study pack. The home-study pack lets you learn the background information you need before each dive at your own pace.? Request your home-study pack now.

Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Experience

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater. If you want to find out but aren?t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Discover Scuba diving will let you try scuba to see if you like it. We would conduct this course at one of the calm beaches in Sydney.

While not an actual scuba certification, during the Discover Scuba Diving experience you?ll learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

The Fun Part

There is nothing like breathing underwater for the very first time. It takes a little getting used to ?after all, human beings weren?t designed to do that ? but after a few minutes of awestruck wonder, most participants realize how easy scuba diving really is. The biggest challenge instructors have with the Discover Scuba Diving program is not coaxing participants into the water, but coaxing them out when the program is over. The fun part? It?s all fun!

  • Plus, you can get credit! If your Discover Scuba Diving program includes an actual scuba dive in open water, your experience may count toward PADI?Scuba Diver?or?Open Water Diver?certification, putting you a step ahead of the game when you decide to go for it.

What You Learn

You learn the?basics you need to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional. One thing you?ll learn is that you really can?breathe underwater?and whether you like doing that or not. You will:

  • Learn what wearing?scuba equipment?feels like and how easy it is to move around underwater while wearing it
  • Find out what it?s like to?breathe underwater?and learn whether you can be comfortable there
  • Learn some basic skills and safety rules that will carry over to your?full scuba certification course?when you take the next step

The Scuba Gear You Use

All the equipment you will need is typically included in a Discover Scuba Diving experience. You?ll use all the?basic scuba gear?including a?mask?,?snorkel?and?fins, a?buoyancy compensating jacket that also carries your?scuba tank, a?scuba regulator?to breathe from and?instrumentation?to monitor depth and air supply. You will also wear a scuba wetsuit and a weight system.

The Learning Materials You Need

  • Just your willingness and undivided attention


  • To take Discover Scuba Diving, you must be:
    At least 10 years old

Your Next Adventure

Once you complete a Discover Scuba Diving program, you?ll want to check out:
Scuba Diver?and?Open Water Diver?certification courses.

About Me

My name is Marko Tomic and I started scuba diving back in 2003. It all began on the Gold Coast in January 2003. As I was walking through a shopping mall with a friend of mine, I noticed a large banner that said “Discover Scuba Diving”. It caught my eye and within seconds I elbowed my friend and asked him “Hey, do you want to do this?”. He said “Sure!”. This turned out to be a life changing moment for me. I fell in love with diving and I can’t get enough of it. So far, I have dived in Australia (obviously), Thailand, Micronesia and the Mediterranean (Greece and Montenegro).

I am insured PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) in teaching status.

Some quick facts about me:
Favourite dive site: Blue Corner, Palau. Also, the good old Fish Rock Cave is right up there!
Favourite sea life I dived with: Great white sharks around Neptune Islands in South Australia.
Favourite course to teach: PADI Open water diver. I enjoy introducing new divers to underwater magic.
Favourite course I completed: Underwater digital photography. I love taking underwater pictures.

My dive education

Marko Tomic - Scuba Instructor

Marko Tomic – Scuba Instructor

PADI Diver Ratings
PADI Open Water Diver – (2003)
PADI Advanced Open Water – (2003)
Emergency First Response – Primary & Secondary Care (CPR/First Aid) – (2008)
PADI Rescue Diver – (2008)
PADI Enriched Air Diver  – (2008)
PADI? Digital U.W. Photographer – (2008)
PADI Deep Diver – (2008)
PADI Underwater Navigator – (2008)
DSAT Tec Rec Gas Blender – (2008)
PADI Master Scuba Diver – (2008)
Emergency First Response – Care for Children (CPR/First Aid) – (2009)

PADI Professional/Instructor Level Ratings
PADI Divemaster – (2009)
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor – (2009)
Emergency First Response Instructor – (2009)
Care for Children (CPR/AED/First Aid) – (2009)
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy – (2009)
Project Aware – (2009)
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty – (2009)