Scuba Diving – Sydney, Australia

Do scuba diving photos fascinate you?? Would you like to experience and explore a totally different, yet very beautiful and peaceful world? If your answer is yes, you will love scuba diving.

For some people, learning to dive at busy dive shops with a group of strangers is not very appealing. Some may be concerned with time constraints and flexibility.? Also, did you know that you are never too old for diving?? PADI courses have no maximum age limit. You just need to be in good health and comfortable in water.? Many people I have spoken to expressed their interest in scuba diving, but never took that extra step of signing up for an introductory course and getting underwater. In other words, they miss out.

So why dive with me?

Marko Tomic - Scuba Instructor

Marko Tomic – Scuba Instructor

  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Exclusive tuition and individual attention provides a more effective way of learning.
  • Private lessons – you can choose to do a course by yourself, with your partner or with your group of friends.
  • Receive PADI certification – world’s most recognised diving organisation. PADI membership means you have connection to dive operators in 180 countries and territories around the world.

The cost of private scuba lessons will depend on the number of people you decide to do your course with.

What course should you do?

If you are a not yet certified, you have 3 options:

  1. Discover Scuba Diving
  2. PADI Scuba Diver
  3. PADI Open Water Diver

If you are already certified, but haven’t dived for a long time, or you are new to Sydney area, you could choose one of the following:

  1. Discover Local Diving
  2. Scuba Review

Have a look at the complete list of PADI Courses I teach. If the course you are interested in is not on that list, don’t hesitate to ask me for advice. I will do my best to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.